Faith Auto Repair (An invited Post)

Faith Auto Repair by Secular Simian

I just thought of a business idea that is sure to succeed. I will start an automotive shop called, “Faith Auto Repair.” I will market it in all the latest fundamentalist Christian and Muslim periodicals, which should drum up a ton of business.When someone brings in a car that is not functioning correctly, I will have them make a mandatory, generous donation to my cause. Then I will lay my hands on the vehicle, say a prayer, and trust in God to do the rest. Now, suppose the car still does not work. Well, obviously that is not MY fault. It just means that either the car’s owner did not have enough faith, or it just wasn’t God’s will that the car be repaired at that time. The Lord works in mysterious ways, you know.Now suppose that customer takes their car to a secular car shop. In that shop, those highly trained mechanics remove the transmission, rebuild it, and install it again, and then the car starts working. Know what that means? That God DID fix that car after all. He just chose to wait until after I laid hands on it, and after those other non-believing mechanics did their tinkering. But the credit goes to God, and my intercession.I am sure this business will work. I mean, I don’t need to have even the slightest understanding of how cars operate, or how secular mechanics try to fix them. I don’t have to buy any expensive tools or diagnostic equipment.

Your reactions please! via Faith Auto Repair.

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2 Responses to Faith Auto Repair (An invited Post)

  1. peddiebill says:

    The above article is clearly an attempt to poke fun at certain types of prayer. Nevertheless the issue as to whether intercessory prayer should in effect be used to ask for miracles which imply interferring with the physical laws of the Universe raises a point which does at least deserve an answer. If for example you substitute “faith healing” for “auto repair” the post certainly comes close to views which I have heard expressed by supporters of faith healing.

  2. Andrew G says:

    Awesome, Secular Simian.
    I believe holding on to intercessory prayer too tightly only continues to justify ignorant attitudes.
    Some other forms of prayer are quite constructive and positive though.

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