Osama Rambo Bin Laden – Killed Resisting Arrest?

What is it with the US State Department?
First they talk of a relatively large group of highly trained Seals killing a dangerous terrorist who was resisting arrest after a fire-fight, all of which which we might have understood. Then they admit he was un-armed, but in view of past pictures of bin Laden firing a sub-machine gun, and no recent pictures to the contrary, we still might have understood. But then the strange move. They tell us he was so crippled he could hardly move without assistance. They release a picture of a frail old man watching a TV with what looks like a blanket round his shoulders.
Then they tell us by implication they want us to believe this is the Rambo that the group of Seals could not overcome by wrestling him to the ground and slapping the cuffs on him.

Then they say Justice was done. Whatever.

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5 Responses to Osama Rambo Bin Laden – Killed Resisting Arrest?

  1. katargeo says:

    Can you imagine what would have happened if they had take Osama alive? Can you imagine how many kidnappings, beheadings, murders and other acts of terrorist activity would have happened trying to get him released. Killing Osama saved many lives.

  2. katargeo says:

    How many millions of lives would have been saved if they could have taken Hitler out. As it was weak willed, naive leaders like Chamberlain who subscribed to the philosophy that all men are good and you can negotiate with evil, kept trying to pacify Hitler and “meet his needs.” in the end it cost 45 million lives. Hitler is recorded as the #3 mass murderer of all time who was responsible for 20,946,000 murders because of his Social Darwinism killing off inferior-evolved races (http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/DBG.TAB1.4.GIF) The problem with liberals like Chamberlain with their naive beliefs of universalism and unitarianism is that they can’t properly evaluate Intrinsic evil in people and ideologies and religions. They assume that all people are “good” and all religions are “beneficial.” They have trouble evaluating the actions of men like Hitler and Osama and linking it to their life philosophies.

  3. peddiebill says:

    I can understand that – but remember it was the State Department not me that said that arrest was an option – and then they said that had he not resisted he would have been arrested. I was puzzled why from the outset they did not simply say they had determined that it would be better for everyone if he was killed because he was a dangerous rallying figurehead for current terrorist activity. It is the clumsy propaganda which makes them look so foolish. I also predict that something else that will come back to bite them is their insistence that it is because of the Twin Towers episode that justice needed to be done. The evidence for the connection is not there – and the evidence that is there shows if anything, unlike other terrorist activities where he has admitted his involvement, he was guilty of approving of the action of the Twin Towers after it had happened, but that he specifically had nothing to do with its planning or execution.
    Your comments on Hitler are ironic in that the US was not prepared to enter World War two against Germany and only did it via Japan. Then they ignored Stalin who turned out to be a far worse mass murderer that Hitler.
    I know from the War Comics I read as a child that the US is convinced that they beat Hitler. I know from more detailed history that it was actually Russia that did by far the biggest share of the fighting against Hitler. ie about seven tenths of the German war effort went into fighting Russia.

  4. katargeo says:

    “Turkey: Thousands attend bin Laden ‘funeral,'” by Aviel Magnezi for Ynet News, May 8 (thanks to Joshua):

    Thousands participated in a funeral ceremony for assassinated al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Istanbul on Friday, following Muslim burial rites but not including an actual burial….

    “The US, UK and Israel are the murderers of the martyr,” the participants chanted. “The US is the terrorist, bin Laden is the warrior.”

    The mourners carried pictures of bin Laden and signs condemning his assassination, and called the man who planned the September 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans “a beautiful, wise man, a warrior for Islam.”

    The mourners, who gathered near Istanbul’s Fatih Mosque, which is located in the area that is considered Turkey’s epicenter of Islamic extremism, burned Israeli, American and British flags, and prayed facing a stone bench that traditionally holds the body of the deceased.

  5. peddiebill says:

    I hope you were not surprised! I guess that events like this are exactly why I think the US administration should actually make more effort to make sure that what they do will not be misinterpreted by those who have a different set of experiences and hence a different perception. For many years now this has not been apparent to observers from outside the US. I remember years ago reading two books:”the Ugly American” and “A Nation of Sheep” which basically listed case after case showing how US policy is typically imposed with no thought to the likely consequences for the recipients. I suspect these books have not been compulsory reading for subsequent US administrations. The assumption that only history from US perspective counts I find rather unsettling.

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