Do Muslims and Christians follow the same God? (Visitors are encouraged to leave an answer)

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6 Responses to RELIGIOUS QUESTION: 2 March

  1. roblorinov says:

    No I do not think they do. Christ is not the Savior in Islam but simply a prophet. Further, the Muslim God seems to be akin to the Old Testament God full of anger and wrath. Mohammed was raised around Christians. Obviously he was influenced by them. I think, however, he got some of the stories wrong either by mistake or on purpose.

  2. Bill Peddie says:

    In that sense I wonder if some who call themselves Christian follow that same Old Testament version of God that you talk of. I have certainly met Christians who describe God as one who has a fair measure of wrath and judgement. I presume whatever we call the creative force behind everything, that this force would be the same in reality regardless of our perception. Maybe like the early scientists we dont know much – but think we do!

  3. Rachel says:

    Great question … right now because of each of our individual experiences we all have a perception of who God is – full of lies and truth. I think this is why God tells us to seek His face — the most important act for a believer is seeking to know God as He is. To seek to have the faulty filters by which we view Him removed. I think if we do this then He will honor us by showing us bit by bit who He is. As He says seek and you shall find.

    Unfortunately the nature of religion including Christiainty isn’t for each one to seek for themselves to really know God, but to listen to some person tell them who He is then follow that person’s instructions about what this God desires. I think that is the path to death. God says in Amos 5:4 Seek me and live. I think that says it all because truly knowing Him is eternal life and knowing comes from seeking.


  4. Bill Peddie says:

    Some people hear the first part of the Amos quote: “seek me” (which is concerned with the knowing part)and forget the second part “and live” which to me is the whole point of the exercise.

  5. Hensatri says:

    They worship the same divine character certainly. Mohammed did not invent a new God and then claim to have been spoken to on its behalf, Mohammed believed in, and received a revelation from, the God of Abraham, as is clearly stated in the Koran.

    Now clearly the character of God shifts with time and culture. The Old Testament God shares virtually no traits with the New Testament God, even though they are traditionally the same being. You could say the same about the Muslim variation on God, that traditionally speaking they are the same God but have massive personality differences.

    But as far as Mohammed is concerned, the teachings are very clear and unambiguous, it is the God of the Jews and the Christians that he received revelation from.

    • peddiebill says:

      Yes but is it really the character of a presumably unchanging God that is changing, or merely what people think they know about this God which changes?

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