Should we only have faith in something entirely true?

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3 Responses to RELIGIOUS QUESTION FOR THE DAY (for Saturday 26 Feb)

  1. abhi says:

    I guess that raises several questions – What is true? Whose truth is true? How do we define truth? What makes something true?

  2. Bill Peddie says:

    In science I have never encountered anything true, ie in the sense of an exact correspondence with actuality. There is plenty of incomplete knowledge and I guess experiments help us to notice more all the time, but we never seem to get all the way there. But there is one thing more. You cant set up your experiment to test something, unless you treat it as true (ie act out your faith in it) and then investigate what the consequences of this “truth” might be. As Karl Popper used to say, it is only when we find the belief falling short that we actually make progress. Disproof leads to progress. Perhaps it is the same in all areas of knowledge.

  3. Tim says:

    faith is in something greater and more perfect than any truth derived from science. The only things that are entirely true appear to be regarding god alone. Although I would say that math also may fall into that category.

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