A new article: YOUR ASTROLOGY DEFENSE KIT by Andrew Fraknoi

A new article : YOUR ASTROLOGY DEFENSE KIT by Andrew Fraknoi has be republished  with permission in our guest section

Sometimes, when astronomers or astronomy hobbyists tell someone about their interest in the heavens, they quickly get drawn into a debate about astrology. For many, it’s hard to know how to respond politely to someone who takes this ancient superstition seriously. Yet, many well-meaning people develop an interest in astrology because of its constant play in the media and simply don’t have the background in science to know the problems with it. The revelation in the 1980’s that daily schedules in the Reagan White House were arranged and rearranged based on the predictions of a San Francisco astrologer focused new attention on astrology’s widespread public acceptance and people wondered whether there could be something to the claims of astrologers. Here, then, is a quick guide to some of the responses you can make to astrologers’ claims. (READ MORE)

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